I study marketing,  which means I also study how companies try to build up their brands. Many of you may not even realise how much thought goes into something as basic as a logo, but trust me, there’s a lot. As part of a presentation I had to do for a class recently, I took a look at how the Amazon logo has evolved over the years. I personally couldn’t remember it being anything other than it is today, but 1995 shows us something almost unrecognisable from the Amazon we know now.

What a transformation, right? Now there’s no water texture, no image of a flowing river within a book (cleverly done there, guys) or a claim to being “Earth’s biggest bookstore”. Funny how they had to simplify their logo to show how much larger and more complicated their company had become.

So inspired by this discovery, and Google’s controversial logo change earlier this year, I thought I’d do a quick round-up of some impressive, and sometimes drastic, logo evolutions.

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