bioshock: rapture – book review


Spoilers ahead! Don’t read this review just yet if you haven’t played the game and don’t want major plot points to be revealed to you. Go play Bioshock (and maybe Bioshock 2) and come back later. Don’t worry, this review won’t go anywhere!

Ah, Rapture. How you terrify and intrigue me at the same time. A sprawling society under the sea may sound ridiculous to some (“A city at the bottom of the ocean? Ridiculous.“), but the one created in the 2007 video game Bioshock is nothing short of enchanting. And horrifying. If you’ve played the games like I recommended in my spoiler warning up above, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. John Shirley’s Rapture aims to add a little more backstory and clarifications of the first game, showing how one man’s idea became a deadly mess.

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